The ‘God’ Program

By, or just explaining Life, the Universe and Everything with “God done it” is just substituting one mystery by appealing to an even bigger mystery. Just saying “God done it” has no actual explanatory power. On the other hand, explaining Life, the Universe and Everything as a computer software program, a ‘God’ Program as it were, can account for any and all anomalies. With software all things are possible – even explaining God.According to one theist of my online acquaintance, if God knows every possible outcome and what He will do in each case, then there are no surprises… since a being who knows the entire flowchart doesn’t need to think or contemplate.That raised an interesting scenario for me.”If God knows every possible outcome and what He will do in each case… “The phrase “what He will do” requires His actual thought, contemplation and decision-making. Otherwise one is just suggesting that God is a pre-programmed robot who will automatically respond and do A if B and C if not-B and so on and so on. Every possibility is in God’s ‘brain’ not because God deduced all possibilities through thought and contemplation and reason and deduction but because of this pre-programmed chip which is pre-programmed with all possible scenarios and all reactions to each and every possibility thus eliminating any requirement for thinking and deliberation and contemplation and decision-making. In other words, God is akin to that computer that finally defeated the human chess champion because the computer knew – in the same way my theist friend says God knows – every possible move the human could make and what to do to counter those moves. The computer had the chess flowchart mapped out. God is a computer! That’s really exactly what this theist was saying, or rather suggesting. The evidence…”… since a being who knows the entire flowchart doesn’t need to think or contemplate” seems to verify my premise. The words of a theist verifies my premise!If God knows every possible scenario – the outline of the master flowchart that incorporates all possible flowcharts – then there is no free will involved, just determinism. A computer software program is deterministic; there is no free will involved.Let’s take a closer look!God – assuming there actually is a God of course – may or may not know the absolute future, but one could argue that God must know the future because He set the absolutely deterministic laws, principles and relationships inherent in and of the physical sciences. Causality is absolute. If X today, then Y tomorrow. However, there’s one nasty can of worms, a loose cannon, in that deterministic scenario – free will.It has been claimed that God knows the absolute future other than what those nasty free-willed humans (and many animals) can and will do. However, God does know every possible scenario that all of those free-willed humans (and animals) can or will do. God knows all of the free-willed human (and animal) flowcharts and thus can cater before-the-fact to deal with whatever scenario eventuates. That struck me as equivalent as the computer program that defeated the human chess champion. That computer software program knew the entire flowchart of every possible move the human chess champion could make and thus how to counteract each and every possible human move. So, God is akin to a computer, or better yet a computer software program.At first I thought that equating God with a computer was brilliant but I was wrong about equating God with a computer. God isn’t the computer. God is just the actual computer software program that runs the virtual reality ‘game’ that we call Life, the Universe and Everything. Let’s just call this the ‘God’ Program, the computer software program that can deal with all of those free will possibilities or scenarios. In a computer / video game, the computer software program ‘knows’ the entire possible game flowchart and has to cater for all possible scenarios generated by the free-willed human player(s). But note that there’s nothing supernatural about a computer software program and thus if God is akin to a computer software program then there’s nothing supernatural about God.So the question is not how is God the creator but rather how was God the created? Here’s a scenario. It’s the year 2525 and highly technologically advanced beings (probably human) have created the most advanced and sophisticated computer software program yet achieved, which they call ‘God’ (or maybe the “God’ Program) and this ‘God’ Program creates and controls a virtual reality landscape called Life, the Universe and Everything. We, including you and I, are just ‘existing’ as part of what we perceive as our really real 2017 reality but actual we ‘exist’ in that ‘God’ generated virtual 2017 reality landscape – 2017 being part of the ‘God’-generated simulation. That virtual reality landscape called Life, the Universe and Everything works. Again, there’s nothing supernatural about it.But a computer software program – the ‘God’ Program – requires a creator. Humans are that creator, therefore ‘God’ was created in our image so to speak.So the question is, a variation on a previous theme, who or what actually wrote the computer software program, the ‘God’ Program? But whatever who or what programmed the ‘God’ Program, that programmer(s) yet again doesn’t have to be supernatural even if the programmer(s) are so highly technologically advanced that they might appear to be magical or supernatural – Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law.Dropping down one level, we’re not supernatural yet we program our video / computer games through our creative abilities and perhaps those video / computer game characters we have created might view us as supernatural, and of course they would be incorrect. One might see a parallel here with some of our current religions.It is often claimed that God ‘exists’ in a timeless and changeless state which is absolute rubbish IMHO since the very act of original though requires a temporal existence and a temporal existence requires change.But, a computer software program – the ‘God’ Program – isn’t of course timeless and it isn’t changeless and it doesn’t exist in a timeless or changeless state of existence. Yet it doesn’t think, decide, ponder, deliberate or whatever other synonyms you care to use.Backing up again one level, here’s a practical application of the ‘God’ Program. Now if you are willing to accept based on one book’s texts, that hundreds of people claimed they saw a supernatural Jesus (before, during and after) even though there is no independent verification of any of this that you yourself could make by yourself and for yourself regarding those supernatural claims, and yet you are (probably) not willing to accept the (usually way more recent) testimony of millions of people over thousands of years who have witnessed other (it can’t be therefore it isn’t vs. I know what I saw) anomalies – ghosts, dragons, fairies, aliens, Bigfoot, etc. – then that’s a double standard. One is no more credible than the other. But both can be assimilated into the ‘God’ Program (or in more common parlance, the Simulation Hypothesis) without any problem.Here’s another variation on that scenario or theme. If we are virtual beings ‘existing’ in a computer software program – the ‘God’ Program – that has generated our simulated landscape called Life, the Universe and Everything then there is no reason why all mythological beings, from dragons to Horus; from leprechauns to Odin; from fairies to Apollo, couldn’t have also ‘existed’ albeit virtually. What software can bring into existence, software can terminate. That equally applies to all of the alleged events and characters in the Bible, including the supernatural beings – angels, demons, as well as the Trinity itself. Further, it easily accounts for any and all supernatural events or miracles related in Biblical texts, like the Sun and the Moon standing still in the sky; the creation of a woman from a male rib; Jonah in the ‘whale’ living to tell the tale; or the various accounts of what amounts to pure alchemy. With computer software programs, all things are virtually possible.Dropping down one level yet again, there are mythological-themed computer / video games you can buy today that feature ghosts, pixies, dragons, unicorns, flying horses, as well as Thor, Zeus, etc. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if someone, somewhere hadn’t created a video / computer game featuring Jesus and company.

Software For Time Management

From time immemorial, time has been our greatest enemy. In a world where everyone is racing to be numero uno, time management is of the greatest essence. Time lost is gone forever. Therefore, people try to fit in as many tasks as they can in the span of a day, so that not a moment is lost. At least, that is what most ambitious wannabes and gung-ho go-getters do. They are obsessed with time management to the point that they keep staring at their wristwatches or timepieces while they eat, wait in a queue, take a bath. However, if you are so fanatical about time and timekeeping, you might start suffering from hypertension, anxiety, ulcers, diabetes and cardiac problems. Being punctual and disciplined is one thing, but trying to be a human robot is another!Time Never Stands Still…So Don’t DelayIt is true that time never stops or waits for anyone. It is the only dimension about our lives that goes relentlessly forward, without ever showing any signs of abating. Years fly by in the blink of an eye. Youth disappears and is replaced by old age in no time. Life is shadowed either by bittersweet nostalgia or by a heavy burden of regrets. A self-introspection leaves no space for improvement, only squeezes the remaining life out. In fact, dwelling in the past makes you lose out on the present, on whatever time you still have left in your hands. Wishing for a second life, a second chance and opportunity to correct your mistakes, a second chance to do things right, is common, even normal, but not at all practical or helpful. The second chance will never arise, the second opportunity will never surface, even if you manage to eke out a life on borrowed time. There is actually no Time Machine that can take you back in time, even though HG Wells desired one. Even if you are in your second childhood, you shall not feel the joys of childhood. You know that, as well as I do. You probably want to start life afresh. But I hope it is not too late.No Time to RelaxThe utopian thing would obviously be not to do anything regrettable, not to miss out on opportunities, to do things right, the first time. But youth often has its failings, its temptations that are hard to resist until youth vanishes and until realization dawns. To do things right, right from the start, so that you can have the time of your life always, you have to be mature, well organized, methodical, precise. You have to be always on the lookout, always alert for the single lucky break that will change your life, after which you will not have to look back anymore. You have to be astute to distinguish the right opening from all the other openings that will lead you nowhere. Whatever your time of life, you cannot afford to sit back and relax and take your own sweet time.Those Who Get It Right, StraightawayPeople who manage to make it big in life, are successful, have got it right the first time. Remember, only those people who have the ability to think far ahead of their times, are the ones who do not live to regret. At the same time, they are people who live in the present, and are not behind their times. They say that patience is the mother of all virtues but the adage belongs to once upon a time, is hardly applicable today, when everybody is racing against time.What Is Time Management?Effective time management is the only answer to the question of how to live a successful life. Now, what is time management all about? Does time management mean that you will sit with a Tissot around your wrist, a Timex around your neck? Does it mean that you will waste valuable time by gazing at the wall clock for most of the time? Does it mean that you will lead your life to the beat of a metronome, a millisecond timer or a stopwatch? No. That is not time management. That is whiling away and wasting precious time, killing time as though you have nothing better to do. Time management is a serious business as it determines the pace at which your life will move.Time Teaches But Punishes TooSome people are lucky to have guardian angels who guide them on managing time smartly. Time management gurus teach their pupils to make the maximum use of available time so that they are able to reduce downtime to a minimum and increase uptime to a maximum in their own lives. However, such mentors and teachers are hard to come by. For most of us, time is the greatest and the only teacher. But time can be a very harsh teacher, unforgiving, unyielding, refusing to give a timely warning, chastening when it is too late. So, if time is not the ideal teacher, who is?Time Existed Since Prehistory…But There Is a New Way of Managing TimeI do not know what happened ages ago. I do not know how people managed their time with the help of a sundial or an hourglass. For the time being, let us leave history aside though Stephen Hawking claims that even time has its own brief history. At this time, let us not play for time anymore. We cannot deny that we need to integrate the phenomenon of time management into our lives if we have to win in life. We have to be organized, systematic. And since this is the time and age of software, why not search for some software that will help us manage time? After all, we use software, the email, for sending letters – the postman’s time is up; we use software, the video conferencing software, for conferring with people across seas and oceans – gone are the days of unnecessary traveling for attending conferences; we even use software, the desktop calculator and Microsoft Word, for computing and for the basic task of writing – calculators and papers and pens are almost passe.Time Management SoftwareTo tell you the truth, there is some software that can help you in your goal of time management. Such software is pretty high-end software and can really help you master the trick of managing time, so that in the graph of success versus time, you keep going up the y-axis which measures success as time proceeds on the x-axis. Time management in today’s fast-paced environment is a resource per se that can help you do ‘business at the speed of thought’. Modern time management software trains you in such a way so that you can manage time beautifully, can work with clockwork precision. By forcing you to make a note of your meetings and appointments and by reminding you of your appointments when you forget about them, modern time management software ensures that you do not miss out any vital opportunities, however hard-pressed you may be for time. In the modern corporate world, every moment is crunch time. Even keeping abreast of each day can be a trial, can give you a trying time.Time management software is designed using cutting-edge technology so that time management is a seamless affair. New-age time management software enables you to store names and particulars of people and places in it. Time management software also helps you to store valuable meeting agenda, minutes and summaries along with meeting or conference schedules so that you can refer to the software, anytime, anywhere for various professional and personal details. Unlike diaries in which you have to scribble in details, the pages of which are limited and may tear, time management software permits you to key in unlimited information and retrieve information from the software at the click of a mouse. You might thumb through diaries and still not find what you are looking for but if you just ask the software what you want, it will flash the right answer to you in no time. All you have to do with modern time management software is feed data into the software from time to time. Most time management software are platform independent too. Which means you do not have to lug the software around like you have to lug around your notebook or diary. You just have to sit before a laptop, PC or other device, which is connected to the Internet, in order to access the platform of the software. Once you access the software, getting to your personal account is a cakewalk.Endless Advantages of Modern Time Management SoftwareModern time management software has the added advantage of being tamperproof, failsafe. You can only log into your account with your Username and Password. Hence, your confidential information remains totally safeguarded from unauthorized access unless you make the mistake of revealing your Password to people. Additionally, modern time management software helps you to network professionally and socially with others. If you are planning a meeting shortly, you can get in touch instantly with your coworkers, who may be situated miles away, through the platform of the software, so that all of you can fix the meeting date. For tasks that require a consensus and which you cannot do at your sole discretion, professional and instantaneous networking is the only answer, if the tasks have to be executed in good time. Or else, you shall have to wait for days for your colleagues to return from their trips abroad, just so that they can agree or disagree to a particular meeting schedule. It is the same with party dates. If you can fix the date and time of a party, send out party invitations, discuss with your friends the theme of the party by simply keying in data on a keyboard, I can promise that you shall have a whale of a time at the party.Modern time management software is so smart that it will help you carry out whole processes such as meeting planning and management, event planning and management, and daily life planning and management, through it and thus help you save lots of time. Smart time management software can transform you into a big time entrepreneur from a small time businessperson. Authentic time management software can change hard times to great and memorable times and can really help you have a good time. As such software has been around for quite some time now, you can say that it is time tested.Time management software is also extremely state-of-the-art. In order to keep up with the times, ace time management software is even cell phone compatible. Which means that if you have the time management software integrated into your mobile or handheld device, you will receive meeting alerts, agenda alerts, and other alerts via your cell phone or handheld device. You will also be able to log into your software account from your cell phone and use the software in a full-fledged manner just like you would use it from a PC or a laptop.It Will Serve You until the End of TimeModern time management software has myriads of advantages. Apart from helping you to structure your life and schedule your appointments, it enables you to structure your thoughts, bring discipline into your actions and become more competitive. Contemporary time management software compels you to think proactively all the time. It also helps you enhance your capabilities and your skills and multitask so that you start to think creatively and imaginatively and out-of-the-box. Time management software makes you work like a magician – execute mammoth processes in the flash of a second, perform huge and formidable tasks, like Atlas did, without feeling anything, shore up major business processes, without feeling the strain. The Terminator, Super Girl, Spiderman, Superman or Batman, I don’t know which one of these is your idol, but if you manage time with the aid of modern time management software, you shall soon begin to work like heroes and heroines do.You do not have to think about time management if you use time management software as the software will accustom you to time management in such a way that you will not feel a thing or have to put in any effort. The time management software will habituate you to perfect time management so that you turn agile and swift, fast and nimble over a course of time.In the Nick of TimeAnd if you have just come upon this article, remember that you are in the nick of time. You still have time to change. It is high time that you made up for the time you lost. Time and time again, I am telling you not to sit back and bide your time waiting for the golden opportunity to come your way. Opportunity will not come to you, you have to get up and grab it. If you make time management your motto from today, it will pay you some time or the other, sooner or later. Now’s the time, now’s the moment to change, to grab time by its hour hand and minute hand and make it move at your chosen pace. Though they say that time is a healer, I will say that time is also a stealer – if you cannot make proper use of your own time, time will run out; if you cannot make a stitch in time, you will have to thread your needle at least some nine more times.Your Time Starts NowSo, get up and start looking for some time management software. If you find one to your liking, start using it. And if you don’t, don’t fret, just visit Meeting Diary. It is one timeless time management software that will leave you in no time for anything else but success, that will help you to beat time for the first time. Log into Meeting Diary and be dot on time and well in time…for life! Your time starts now…

Cloud Backup Is Necessary in Today’s Changing Business Landscape

The world is changing at light speed. Information which once required a large warehouse to store data can now be kept on devices smaller than a fingernail. Technology has caused nearly all businesses to keep their data in a computer or online.Sadly, the ability to store things electronically also makes it easier to corrupt or steal. The saying, beggars can’t be choosers has never rung truer than today. No one and no business is safe from attack.Hospitals, small businesses, retailers the government, all of them have had hackers try (sometimes successfully) to gain information. Additionally, sometimes the thieves will destroy or corrupt the data making it nearly impossible to resume normal operations until the flaw is discovered and fixed.Sadly, some businesses cannot rebound from an attack. An attack can cause customers to lose faith in the company’s security or prevent it from returning to regular operations in a timely manner. In real life, time is money and people would be surprised to learn how easy it is for a successful business to go under in the blink of an eye.This is why the ability to recover secure data during a massive security breach or other disaster is a must. Some small business owners believe that they do not need a cloud backup service because they are expensive and only large corporations require large amounts of information to be stored.That is an incorrect and potentially dangerous way of thinking. Small business owners are the main ones requiring a secure backup for their business. Many of these business owners rely on their company as their sole means of income. One major issue and the whole business could go under.Cloud services are not expensive and one can purchase a package for as little as a few pounds. The smart business owner knows that their business is only as good as long as operations are running smoothly, thus he or she includes a secure backup service in the company budget and business plan.Truthfully, the backup plan should be included in no fewer than two business plans. The first one should be the aforementioned business budget and the second should be in the emergency plan.When emergencies happen, employees can be cut off from one another, documents and supplies destroyed and operations cease to continue. This can be the death knell for many a business if they do not have a plan to overcome any obstacles.This means they should have at least two people who are authorised to retrieve the company’s data. They should have the ability to set up a temporary office where the retrieval can be made as well as a system for resuming operations during a crisis.Cloud backup systems are necessary because the technological age requires us to have a means of retrieving data. When businesses can be destroyed by a few clicks of a mouse, then business owners (and people) should take any means necessary to protect their data.Two main things occur when a company announces a data breach. One, the customers and clients lose faith in the business and two, operations are hindered until everything can be restores back to normal. A loss of customers and ceasing operations can ruin a business in a week.Not using a reliable and safe backup and retrieval service is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. Only one thing is certain with today’s technology; there will come a time when data is erased, breached or destroyed.Being able to restore everything as it was before is not a luxury but a right. There are too many employees and customers counting on the business to be secure, trustworthy and adept at their services in order to have the longevity that all the best businesses need to survive.